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The niveristand package contains an API (Application Programming Interface) that interacts with VeriStand systems. The package is implemented in Python. NI created and supports this package.


niveristand 2.1.x has the following requirements:

  • VeriStand 2019+ running on the same system as the Python code.

  • 64-bit version of Windows 10/8.1/7

  • CPython 3.7+


To install niveristand, use one of the following methods:

  1. pip:

    $ python -m pip install niveristand
  2. easy_install from setuptools:

    $ python -m easy_install niveristand
  3. Download the project source and run the following script:

    $ python install


Refer to the Basic Examples section for detailed information on how to write a Python real-time sequence.

Support / Feedback

The niveristand package is supported by NI. For support for niveristand, open a request through the NI support portal at

Bugs / Feature Requests

To report a bug or submit a feature request, please use the GitHub issues page.


To view the documentation, visit the VeriStand Python Documentation Page.

Additional Documentation

Refer to the VeriStand Help for detailed information on setting up a system and running real-time test scenarios.

VeriStand Help installs only with the full version of VeriStand.


niveristand is licensed under an MIT-style license (see LICENSE). Other incorporated projects may be licensed under different licenses. All licenses allow for non-commercial and commercial use.

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