Getting Started


niveristand allows you to:

  • Convert Python functions into NI VeriStand real-time (RT) sequences that are compatible with the NI VeriStand engine and Stimulus Profile Editor and save the converted Python functions to a file.

  • Run test sequences in two different modes:

    • Deterministic Mode

      Deploys a real-time sequence to a running NI VeriStand system and executes the sequence in real-time.

    • Python Mode

      Runs a test sequence from a host machine that communicates with an NI VeriStand system through the Gateway. Python mode emulates the behavior of Deterministic mode. Python mode is useful in the following cases:

      • You need to debug your real-time sequence.

      • You want to take full advantage of the Python ecosystem.


To install niveristand, use one of the following methods:

  1. pip:

    $ python -m pip install niveristand
  2. easy_install from setuptools:

    $ python -m easy_install niveristand
  3. Download the project source and run the following script:

    $ python install


Refer to Basic Examples for detailed information on how to write a Python real-time sequence.