Real-Time Sequence APIs

class niveristand.clientapi.RealTimeSequence(top_level_func, rtseq_pkg=None)

A real-time sequence that can run on the VeriStand Engine.

  • top_level_func – the function to transform.

  • rtseq_pkg (RealTimeSequencePackage) – the containing package in case you want to add this sequence to a library.


Runs the sequence on the globally configured VeriStand Engine.


rtseq_params (Dict[str, niveristand.clientapi._datatypes.rtprimitives.DoubleValue]) – the parameters to be passed to the RT sequence.


Stimulus profile session state.

Return type


Deploys and runs the sequence without waiting for the sequence to finish. Use the returned StimulusProfileState to wait for the sequence to complete and obtain the return value.

For a simpler use case, refer to niveristand.realtimesequencetools.run_py_as_rtseq()


Saves this sequence to disk.


path (Optional[str]) – path to the location you want to save the sequence file.


path you specify in path.

All dependencies required for deployment of this sequence save to the same path. If you do not specify a path in path, this sequence saves to the location where you last saved the object. If you did not previously save the object, it saves to a temporary folder.

For a simpler use case, refer to niveristand.realtimesequencetools.save_py_as_rtseq()

class niveristand.clientapi.ErrorAction(value)

Actions you can take when calling niveristand.library.generate_error().

AbortSequence = 2

Stops execution and avoid calling try/finally blocks.

ContinueSequenceExecution = 0

Continues execution but still fails the test run.

StopSequence = 1

Stops execution and calls all try/finally blocks.