Stimulus Profile APIs

class niveristand.clientapi.StimulusProfileState(session)

Contains the execution state of a real-time sequence.

class CompletionState

Enum used for possible completion states.

Aborted = 1

operation stopped forcefully.

Failed = 2

operation ran to completion, but an error occurred.

Success = 0

operation ran to completion successfully. No errors occurred.


Returns the state after running.

Returns:state after the operation runs to completion. None if unfinished.
Return type:CompletionState

Returns the last error generated by the sequence.

Returns:final error the sequence generated.
Return type:niveristand.errors.SequenceError

Returns the return value of the sequence.

Returns:the return value of the sequence.
Return type:(bool, int, float)

Returns the session you created to execute this sequence.

Returns:a session connected to the VeriStand Engine.

Waits for the sequence to finish running.

Returns:the value returned by the VeriStand Engine after this sequence runs.