Marks a function as an RT sequence. You must mark a function as nivs_rt_sequence to run it deterministically with run_py_as_rtseq.

class niveristand.NivsParam(param_name, default_elem, by_value)

Describes a parameter passed down to a function.

  • param_name (str) – Name of the parameter as it is found in the function definition.
  • default_elem – Default value and type. Refer to NI VeriStand Data types for valid values.
  • by_value (bool) – Specifies whether to pass a parameter by value or by reference. Set to True to pass by value. Set to False to pass by reference. Refer to NivsParam.BY_REF or NivsParam.BY_VALUE for details.
BY_REF = False

Passes a parameter by reference. Allows the called function to modify the value.


Passes a parameter by value. Creates a copy of the caller’s value for use inside the function.