Real-Time Sequence APIs

class niveristand.clientapi.RealTimeSequence(top_level_func, rtseq_pkg=None)

A real-time sequence that can run on the VeriStand Engine.

  • top_level_func – the function to transform.
  • rtseq_pkg (RealTimeSequencePackage) – the containing package in case you want to add this sequence to a library.

Runs the sequence on the globally configured VeriStand Engine.

Parameters:rtseq_params (Dict[str, niveristand.clientapi._datatypes.rtprimitives.DoubleValue]) – the parameters to be passed to the RT sequence.
Returns:Stimulus profile session state.
Return type:niveristand.clientapi.stimulusprofileapi.StimulusProfileState

Deploys and runs the sequence without waiting for the sequence to finish. Use the returned StimulusProfileState to wait for the sequence to complete and obtain the return value.

For a simpler use case, refer to niveristand.realtimesequencetools.run_py_as_rtseq()


Saves this sequence to disk.

Parameters:path (Optional[str]) – path to the location you want to save the sequence file.
Returns:path you specify in path.

All dependencies required for deployment of this sequence save to the same path. If you do not specify a path in path, this sequence saves to the location where you last saved the object. If you did not previously save the object, it saves to a temporary folder.

For a simpler use case, refer to niveristand.realtimesequencetools.save_py_as_rtseq()

class niveristand.clientapi.ErrorAction

Actions you can take when calling niveristand.library.generate_error().

AbortSequence = 2

Stops execution and avoid calling try/finally blocks.

ContinueSequenceExecution = 0

Continues execution but still fails the test run.

StopSequence = 1

Stops execution and calls all try/finally blocks.